Would you like to have bitcoins? Do you want to buy bitcoins? It's simple, you just need an online bank account and a mobile phone. Here we will describe how to buy bitcoin in a very simple and convenient way. We will use an Internet site named Bity which is Swiss and a popular program in the bitcoin world named Electrum.

First phase (Electrum program)

First go to electrum.org and download the Electrum program, the software is in Italian and you can see a video on how to use it for the first time here. The video is in Italian and shows clearly and in detail what to do. In practice the salient points are two types of passwords: one is created by the program and is a series of words in English that must be written on a sheet of paper and put in the safe, the other is created by us and is a common password that allows you to access your wallet and send bitcoin to those you want: keep it confidential.

At the end of these settings you have a new bitcoin address that is a number of the type:
then you can credit this bitcoin address with the money that others send you. In practice it is like the IBAN of the bank account.

I am currently and personally using Electrum.

Second phase (Bity. com site)

The second step is to convert the euro into bitcoin. To do this, sign up for Bity.com which is all in English, French and German but very easy to understand. You need to provide very little data including the IBAN of your current account and your mobile phone number. Of course, you must also enter your bitcoin address so that you can be credited with the bitcoin amount.

Once the registration of data has been accepted, you can purchase bitcoins via the Bity website as if it were any goods paid by bank transfer. For example, they send EUR 50 to the IBAN indicated by the SEPA credit transfer, which is usually free of charge in many online banks. After one day we would have received on our bitcoin address the corresponding amount in bitcoin with the exchange rate of the moment in which Bity received the transfer.

If we open our Electrum program we will see that the sum is in our availability. Another useful method to see our sum is via the website blockchain.info. For example, with the address used as an example above you can see how much money it contains: 1HB5XMLmzFVj8ALj6mfBsbifRoD4miY36v

There are limits in the use of Bity, the FAQs detail the salient points. For example, at this moment in time you cannot convert more than 250 euros per day and 4000 euros per year. If you want more money, send more personal data to Bity. What is verified is at least your mobile phone number (a code as SMS is sent) and your email that is verified in the usual method. The IBAN and bitcoin address are not verified. Over €4000 per year, an identity document and other data is required.

At present, bitcoin is listed on Bity.com Buy EUR 868.09/BTC and Sell 850.21 EUR/BTC. It means that its price is the average value (859.15 EUR/BTC) and that a commission of 8.94 € per bitcoin or 1% is charged. One percent is very little when you think that buying bitcoins via PostePay pays 10% commission or credit cards charge about 2% for each money transaction.