Sgrena Giuliana kidnapped in IRAQ

Sgrena, 56, a reporter for the communist daily Il Manifesto, was kidnapped on Friday 4 february 2005 by armed men near Baghdad University where she had been interviewing refugees from last year's US assault on Falluja. She had been voluntarily released by her kidnappers friday 4 march 2005 and she was wounded when the convoy taking her to safety was riddled with bullets by a US patrol 700 meters from Baghdad airport.

"My name is Giuliana Sgrena. I write for a newspaper which opposed the sanctions and the war against Iraq"
(Al Jazeera & Al Arabya Video of Giuliana Sgrena)

Giuliana Sgrena is free

Giuliana is wounded but she is alive, the secret agent Nicola Calipari is dead.
Life and Death (Il manifesto)
Nicola Calipari (Il manifesto)
Freed hostage: US firing not justified (Al Jazeera)
State honours for slain Italian agent (Al Jazeera)

Al Jazeera POOL: Was the fatal attack on the convoy carrying Italian journalist, Guiliana Sgrena, an unfortunate accident?

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Number of pollers : 31306

Today Il manifesto pubblishes a Sgrena article with the story of her kidnapping and the USA attack to her car.
My truth Giuliana Sgrena 6 march 2005.

I have finded an interesting point of view in english that I agree. It is an european article that summarize the news from Il manifesto, the last Sgrena article (6 march 2005), the italian political situation about the USA-Italy relationship regard the Sgrena freedom: Sgrena suggests she may have been US target (Deutsche Welle).

Sgrena GiulianaBiography

Giuliana Sgrena works with us at the daily “il manifesto” since 1988.
Born on the 20th of December in the town of Masera in the state of Piedmont, Giuliana studied in Milan. During the early eighties she worked for the weekly “Guerra e Pace” edited by Michelangelo Notarianni.

At “il manifesto” Giuliana always worked at the foreign desk. A passionate expert on the arab world she also dealt extensively with issues and stories concerning the Horn of Africa , the Middle East and the Maghreb.

She covered for the manifesto the war in Afghanistan and the various stages of the Iraqui conflict: she was in Baghdad during the bombardment of the city (and for this was awarded by the President of Italy the title of merit “Cavaliere del Lavoro”) and returned many times again in order to describe the daily life of iraquis and documenting in a professional manner the violence caused by the occupation of that country.

Together with her journalistic endeavours Giuliana also devotes her time to political issues. During the 1980’s she was among the founders of the peace movement: she was one of the speakers during the first mass peace demonstration. She left for Baghdad on the 23rd of January.

Mujaheddin without bordesGiuliana Sgrena is Alive

Giuliana is alive. Today 16 febrary 2005 the islamic group "Mujaheddin without borders" has sent the videotape to Al Arabya. The video aired shows a drammatic Giuliana's appeal: "Please help me, withdraw troops from Iraq".

Child in Hilla hospitalImage from first Mujaheddin's Video The integral Giuliana Sgrena's message into the Mujaheddin's Video

I'm in Iraq from the January end, in order to testify the situation of this people, that every day dies, thousand people are in prison, children, old men, women are raped and people die everywere, on the road, do not have more nothing to eat, do not have more electricity, do not have water.

I pray to You put aim to the occupation, I ask it to the Italian government, I ask it to the Italian people because make pressure on the government. Pier helps me, please shows the photos of the children hit from the cluster bombs, I ask my family to help me, I ask all people, all those that have fought with me against the war, the occupation, pray to you, helps me.

This people do not have more to suffer, therefore, withdraw themselves from the Iraq, nobody must more come in Iraq, because all the aliens, all the Italians are here consider enemy, please you make something for me.

Pier, helps me, You are always be with me in all my battles, I pray to you help me to ask the withdrawal for the troops, makes to see all the photos that I have made, this people does not want occupation. You help me, you help me, my life depend on you, You fairies pressures on the government so that they withdraw the troops. Account on you, you can help me.

We must put aim to the occupation, the situation is intolerable here, the children die, people dies of hunger on the road, the women come raped, we must withdraw the troops. Pier help me, you make to see the photos that I have made of the children hit from the cluster bombs, you make to see those that I have made for the women. Nobody would have to come in Iraq in this moment, not even the journalists, nobody.

The video was sent to Security area of hotel Palestine, Bagdad for iraqi Associated Press. Message automatically translated from italian text pubblished by Il manifesto official site. The video will not be linked in this site because Il Manifesto's team will not pubblished it. If you want to see a exhausted woman try elsewhere.

In the video Giuliana asks to show her photo of american cluster bombs in Iraq. The side photo was make into Hilla's hospital after an american bombing with cluster bombs.

The author of this photos is Giuliana and i hope important italian newspapers show her photo. Today 17 feb the news program  TG5 of Silvio Berlusconi's TV (Chanel 5), has aired Sgrena's photos, the newspaper Il Manifesto and La Repubblica have pubblished the photos.

Other Sgrena's photos in Il Manifesto official site.
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Al Jazeera & Al Arabya Video of Giuliana Sgrena

On air on Al Jazeera at twenty o'clock of 8 febrary, the video is in arab and italian.

Set peace free © Il Manifesto

Italian video: link
Arab Video aired on Al Jazeera/Al Arabya:
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Sgrena GiulianaSgrena Giuliana and the rainbow peace flags

"Il Manifesto strongly opposed the US-led invasion of Iraq and has fiercely criticised Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's support and his decision to deploy 3000 troops in Iraq."

"Sgrena was kidnapped after spending three hours in the al-Mustafa mosque compound interviewing refugees who escaped the US-led assault in Falluja last year."

"Several hundred people, carrying rainbow peace flags, rallied by torchlight on Saturday outside the Rome city council to press for Sgrena's release."

Moral support

"In September, two Italian women, Simona Torretta and Simona Pari, who work for an aid organisation, were abducted in Iraq by the same group but were released three weeks later."

"Torretta and Pari, who attended the rally, were at the side of Sgrena's partner, Pier Scolari, a number of journalists and executives of Il Manifesto."

The Directive Council of the Union of the Communities and Islamic Organizations in Italy

We call for the immediate release of Giuliana Sgrena, journalist of il manifesto newspaper, who has been working for months and months in the very hard task of reporting the tragic events in Iraq and who has been adbucted and taken away by armed men in a Baghdad neighbourhood.

As it already happened for Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, we are certain of her role of being a sincere witness to the events and of her absolute non-involvement in  the war and the occupation and therefore we call for her immediate and unconditionate release.

Those who are holding Giuliana Sgrena should know that her freedom is a a rightful act respectful act of Islamic law and customs, of the intersts of the Iraqi people and the cause of Islam in the world.

Rome, 4 february 2005
(The Directive Council of the Union of the Communities and Islamic Organizations in Italy)

Appeal of the Imam of the Mosque of Rome

Making us interpreter of the feelings of the community Muslim in Italy and expressing in full freedom through of they the principles of freedom and good will intrinseci to the Islam, we entreat our siblings, in the person of the ulemas muslim in Iraq, and the person of all the institutions, and organizations, that they have to heart the peace, prodigar generous through all those that is in they to be able, in order to favor the liberation of journalist Giuliana Sgrena, without condition and restriction some;

we remind that the vicissitude has like protagonist a journalist who operates with the aim to favor rendering public and disclosing those that are the suffering of the iraqui people.

Forbid to Giuliana Sgrena the serene development of just it must and to deny its freedom of movement and expression, absolutely does not help to render well-known how much is happening in Iraq and goes to hide many of the truths and makes useless the possibility to come to acquaintance of the hopes and the expectations of the people iracheno.  Our firm demand and knits so that the freedom is given back to journalist Giuliana Sgrena is not limited to answer exclusively to our human convictions ethics and our principles, but it is dictated from the instructions that the Islam has given to us and that they categorically reject the oppression and the aggressiveness. 

Rome, 2 Muharram 1426 - Automatically translated
(Imam of the Mosque of Rome Mahnud Hammad Sneweita)

Giuliana Sgrena is a precious source of not embedded news

In Italy a big percent of familys have exhibited the rainbow peace flag from their windows and for many months. Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime minister, has not pay attention to peace's People for oil reason. In my little city about one family of three have exhibited the flag.

The daily "Il Manifesto" and its journalists like Giuliana Sgrena is a precious source of not embedded news.
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Georges Malbrunot is our contributor

"Il manifesto" is the italian partner of "Le monde diplomatique", a french montly newspaper. Its director is Ignacio Ramonet that says: Georges Malbrunot (Le Figaro's journalist kidnapped 20 august 2005 and set free 21 dicember 2004) is our contributor. Le Diplo has many partners and some arab partners: Akhbar Al Arab, Al Ra’ay, Al Sahifa and I think it is a web of free thinking newspapers.
(Sandro kensan)

"The kidnapping of George Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot (collaborator of Le monde diplomatique), thus that of their Syrian driver, Mohammed Al-Joundi, raised a general indignation, not only in France, but also in the Arab and Moslem world."

The latest articles of Giuliana Sgrena for the daily Il Manifesto:
Stop the massacre”, Giuliana Sgrena 12 November 2004
Appeal for Falluja by Mohamed Alla: Italy, withdraw the troops from Iraq

The massacre in Falluja continues . We spoke with Mohamed Alla, of the Center of studies for the rights and democracy in Falluja, who is in Rome to partake the meeting of “Building bridges of hope”.

Interview with an Iraki woman tortured at Abu Graib”, Giuliana Sgrena, 1 July 2004

In the middle of the night, American soldiers broke into the home of Mithal al Hassan and arrested both her and her soon. The soldiers later ransacked the apartment. Denounced as part of a vendetta, Mithal was condemned without trial to eighty days of horror in the company of other women prisoners who, like her, were subjected to abuse and torture. She has since spotted her tormentors on the internet.

Florence Aubenas and Hussein Hanoun into Place de la RepubblicFlorence and the others”, Giuliana Sgrena, 14 January 2005

“Do not go to Iraq”, Chirac said to French journalists. Fini from Rome echoed him. The various embassies, pressured by the US, warned journalists in Baghdad to since the beginning of the the bombing, 20 March 2003, to go away. But the order was not successull and the war has been represented, for better or worse, both by those who had to be controlled by the Iraqi information minister and by those who were “embedded”, censored by the Pentagon.
 It is no longer enough to be French -- for the position of France towards war and occupation -- to be treated in a different way. Besides, when one sells a military intervention for a “peaceful mission” (as the Italian government did), one cannot expect that the other side makes subtle differences.
Now even the Italian military has “opened” courses for aspiring embedded.
To rebel against these schemes is a risk, but is a risk one has to run to inform, to make such a reality known and not make it end up in war bullettins or propaganda. Also war propaganda.

Florance Aubenas has always run the risk to inform: in Rwanda, Kosovo, Algeria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also for this reason we feel on her side.

Sgrena Giuliana's articles, appeals, etc, etc, in arab in the official site of the communist daily Il Manifesto: Link

The world is small. If you think that Malbrunot is a fair journalist please consider Sgrena too.
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