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Buy bitcoin
How to buy bitcoin in a simple way. A mobile phone and a bank account are all it takes. A popular program and a Swiss website are available. [Description]

Venezuela's National Strike
IT expert's interview. He was in the team that save the PDVSA (National oil company in Venezuela) from the attack to the company IT system. [Description]

Sgrena Giuliana kidnapped in IRAQ
Sgrena Giuliana, a reporter for the communist daily "Il Manifesto", was kidnapped on Friday 4 february 2005 by armed men near Baghdad University where she had been interviewing refugees from last year's US assault on Falluja. [Description]

SPEWS Black List
The most famous, hated, under attack and hacker spammers' Black List at the moment, SPEWS: Spam Prevention Early Warning System. [Description]

History notes
History notes of the Internet with particular attention to the cultures which determined its essence like the Geek and Hacker ones. Basic documents. [Description]

hacker Life Animata
LiFe Game - HaCkInG LiFe

Version: 3.1
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